Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Journey Through the Past.

You regulars here at Percy Me! are no doubt asking right now, "Hey, what's a dang ol' hippy like Neil Young doing all up in here?". Now, before you think we've gone and abandoned our format, thereby betraying America and all that is right and proper, allow me to explain: you see, back in the 60's and early 70's, Percy was employed as a propane truck hauler around the Northern California area. One of his regular stops? A certain ranch on the Woodside hills, near La Honda, later purchased by Mr. Young himself (ca. 1970), and christened Broken Arrow. Percy delivered propane there on a regular basis for a number of years, even taking my brother along for the ride on at least one occasion. I've long wondered if he had any interactions with the foreman of the ranch, Louis Avala, a Portugese immigrant who, of course, was the subject and addressee of "Old Man". Seems possible, if not downright likely - who else at Broken Arrow would be dealing with the propane delivery man, right?

I never heard of any actual Neil sightings, but it was generally agreed upon in the family that he must have been a decent fellow. And when he showed up on The Johnny Cash Show in 1971? Well, his status was confirmed: Neil Young might have needed a haircut, but he was good people. (And check out the standing ovations - Johnny's audience certainly agreed.)

"Needle and the Damage Done" and "Journey Through the Past", from The Johnny Cash Show, 1971.

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