Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Dream of Jeannie.

Jeannie Seely scored a Grammy in 1967 for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her big hit, "Don't Touch Me". She never reached that peak again, but went on to have a successful career during the 70's paired with Jack Greene and hits like "Can I Sleep In Your Arms?" The combination of a near-fatal car crash in 1977 and a disastrous marriage to songwriter Hank Cochran doomed any chance of long-term chart success for Jeannie, but in this clip, she's on top of the country world. And she's still at it today at the age of 69.

Here's her take on the Willie Nelson song "Mr. Record Man", accompanied by some of the greatest Nashville session men of all time: Buddy Emmons on steel (that's him in the intro, a former Cherokee Cowboy and Ernest Tubb sideman, playing the Emmons steel guitar he designed); Walter Haynes (who sadly died just last year in Tyler, Texas at the age of 80) on the Sho-Bud steel guitar (which Buddy also designed - he's the "Bud") ; Floyd Cramer on piano - easily the greatest country piano player of all time; Jerry Byrd on rhythm guitar - a steel guitar legend in his own right, who taught Jerry Garcia (among others) how to play the instrument, and later moved to Hawaii to pursue the lap steel; Joe Zinkan on bass; and God knows who else up there. An embarrassment of riches, from 1967:

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