Saturday, May 22, 2010

The versatile Del Reeves.

Franklin Delano Reeves had a couple of late 60's hits with Percy Me! compadre and former Roy Orbison guitarist Bobby Goldsboro (who Percy and Eunice had the pleasure of hanging with in Reno), hitting the Country Top 40 together with "Take a Little Good Will Home" in 1969. Reeves was best known for girl-watchin' novelty tunes ("Girl on the Billboard", a '64 #1), and later for trucker anthems like "Looking At the World Through a Windshield". Here he is paired with Charlie Louvin, doing a medley of Louvin Brother hits: "I Don't Love You Anymore", and "When I Stop Dreaming", from Reeves' own Country Carnival TV show circa 1970.

Also included below: "Anywhere, U.S.A.", which amazingly wasn't a hit, but check out that stage set. Bonus: steel guitar wiz Larry Sasser makes a brief appearance.

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